Friday, 5 October 2018


R- Good morning / afternoon / evening, Sir / Madam. C- Hello. I have a reservation. My name is Pepa Benaventura/Julia Iglesias. R- Can you spell your surname, please? C- Of course, it’s B E N… / I G L… R- Is your reservation for six nights? C- No it isn’t. My reservation is for eight nights. R- Oh, I’m sorry! Yes, for eight nights. Can I have your passport, please? C- Just a second. Ño, dónde lo puse? Ah! Here you are! R- Excuse me, are you Spanish? C- That’s right! I’m from the Canary Islands, from Tenerife! R- Really? Oh, I love Tenerife! And Canarian people are very friendly. C- Thank you! Our islands are fantastic, our food is delicious, and our climate is excellent. R- Can you sign here please? Thank you. Here’s your key. C- Oh, it’s room 207. Is it on the second floor? R- Yes, it is. C- Excuse me, where is the lift? R- The lift is over there, to your left. C- The lift is on the left, haha, that’s funny! R- Yes, haha. Enjoy your stay, Mr Benavente / Ms Iglesias. C- Thank you. Bye bye!

Monday, 23 April 2018


Se acercan las fechas del examen final y estas serán las preguntas que formarán parte de la prueba escrita y también de la prueba oral. No se asusten, don't panic, las prepararemos en clase para que todo el mundo pueda estar preparado. Vayan también practicando las lecturas y los audios del libro, así no habrá sustos el día del examen. Ánimo, YES, YOU CAN!

  1. What’s your name?
-My name is Albert.
  1. Where are you from?
-I’m from Tenerife, from the north, from Icod de los Vinos.
  1. Where do you live?
-I live in Buenavista, in the north of the island.
  1. Can you speak English?
-Yes, I can speak a little English, I’m learning at the moment.
  1. Can you play a musical instrument?
-No, I can’t. But I would like to play the guitar. / Yes, I can play the piano very well.
  1. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
-Yes, I do, I have two brothers and one sister.
  1. Are they older than you?
-Well, my brothers are older than me, but my sister is younger than me.
  1. What are your parents’ names?
-My parents’ names are David and Silvia.
  1. Is your dad older than your mum?
-Yes, he is. He is / was five years older than my mum.
  1. Do you love your family?
-It depends, I love my parents, I adore them, but I don’t like my brother in law.
-Yes I do, I love them. But we sometimes argue.
  1. Can you describe a person in your family?
-Sure, of course. I’m going to speak about my sister Blanca. She is …
  1. Do they have their own car?
-Yes, they do. / No, they don’t.

  1. Are you an architect?
-No, I’m not, I’m a … teacher/housewife/celebrity/singer/
  1. What time do you get up in the morning?
-Well, it depends, I usually get up at quarter past seven. However, on Sundays I get up a bit later, at ten o’clock.
  1. What do you usually do after breakfast?
-After breakfast, I usually have a shower/go to class/go for a walk/brush my teeth/go shopping.
  1. What time do you have lunch?
-I have lunch at around two o’clock/ at quarter to three…
  1. What food do you prefer, sweet or savoury?
-I prefer sweet food because it is delicious! But I also like savoury food. / It depends, because I like sweet food, for example, biscuits and chocolate but I like fish and chips, too.
  1. How often do you eat fast food?
-I never eat fast food. / I eat fast food twice /three times a week/
  1. How often do you cook at home?
-I always cook at home / I sometimes cook at home. / I cook at home every day.
  1. How often are you late?
-I am never late. / I am always late. / I am sometimes late.
  1. How often do you play sports?
-I sometimes play football. / I play football twice a week / I go swimming
-I never play sports.
  1. How often do you go to the cinema?
-I go to the cinema once a month because it’s very expensive. However, it’s cheaper on Wednesdays. / I sometimes go to the cinema. / I don’t go to the cinema very often, because it’s…

  1. What is dad doing in the kitchen?
-Dad is annoying/ dad is cooking/is making dinner/is washing the dishes/is cleaning the floor/is drinking beer/is making love.
  1. What is mum doing in the living room?
-Mum is resting on the sofa/is reading a book/is watching TV/is listening to music/ is knitting/ is dancing/is making love.
  1. What is their son doing in his bedroom?
-Their son is playing videogames/is studying/is watching YouTube/is using his tablet/is sleeping/is sending WhatsApp messages.
  1. What is their daughter doing in the bathroom?
-Their daughter is listening to music/is taking a shower/is brushing her hair/is talking on the phone
  1. How many chairs are there in the dining room?
-There are six/four chairs in the dining room.
  1. Are there any flowers on the dining table?
-Yes, there are some flowers on the dining table / No, there aren’t any flowers on the dining table / No, there are no flowers.
-There aren’t any apples / There are no apples.
  1. Is there a bath next to the shower?
-Yes, there is a bath next to the shower. / No, the bath isn’t next to the shower.
  1. Is there a sofa under the window?
-Yes, there is a sofa under the window. No, the sofa is next to the window.
  1. Is there a lamp behind the armchair?
-Yes, there is a lamp behind the armchair.
  1. Is there a sofa in front of the armchair?
Yes, there is a sofa in front of the armchair.

  1. What date is it today?
-Today is Thursday, the tenth of May two thousand and eighteen.
  1. The north of the island is better than the south, do you think so?
-Yes, I think so. I think the north is better than the south. However, the south has better beaches. / No, I don’t think so… (sáuz)
  1. What’s the weather like in the north of Tenerife? And in the south?
-In the north the weather is cool, cloudy and rainy. However, the weather in the south is dry, hot and sunny. The north is colder than the south. The south is hotter than the north.
  1. El Puma is younger than Enrique Iglesias, is that right?
No, it isn’t right. Enrique is a lot younger than El Puma. El Puma is a lot older than Enrique.
  1. The ‘Drago Milenario’ is the oldest tree in Tenerife, do you agree?
-Yes, I do, I agree. It is the oldest tree in Tenerife.
  1. What is the highest (ha-yest) mountain in Spain?
-The highest mountain in Spain is mount Teide.
  1. Is mount Everest higher or shorter than mount Teide?
-Mount Everest is higher (ha-ya) than mount Teide. Mount Teide is shorter (shoo-ta)
  1. How many bedrooms are there in your house?
-In my house there are three bedrooms.
  1. How many bathrooms are there in your house?
-There are two/three/four bathrooms / There is only one bathroom.
  1. Is there a television in your living room?
-Yes, there is a TV in my living room.
  1. Is there a swimming pool in your garden?
-No, there isn’t a “swimming pool” in my garden.
  1. Can you afford a very big house with a swimming pool?
-No, I can’t afford a very big house with a swimming pool because it’s very expensive and I can’t swim.
  1. How much is an espresso in Icod? Is it cheaper or more expensive than in London?
-An espresso in Icod costs/is 80 cents/one euro (yúrou). It is cheaper than in London. London is a lot more expensive than Icod.
  1. How much sugar do you like in your coffee? A lot of sugar or a little sugar?
-I like a little sugar in my coffee. I don’t like any sugar in my coffe. I prefer coffee without any sugar.
  1. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?
-I usually drink between three and four cups of coffee a day.
  1. How was the English course?
-The English course was very interesting. I was very interested.
  1. Did you enjoy it?
-Yes, I did. I enjoyed it a lot.
  1. Did you like your classmates?
-Yes, I did. I liked my classmates a lot.
  1. Did you have fun?
-Yes, I did. I had a lot of fun.
  1. Did you learn a little English?
-Yes, I did. I learned/learnt a lot / a little English.